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Rommie is fully sentient, she is capable of emotions, independent thought, and is fully self-aware.
She communicates to the crew through voice, holograms, and video images, and an android avatar.

Their are many other forms of artificial intelligence, ranging from fully aware sentient individuals, such as the Andromeda Ascendant, to machines barley capable of performing tasks by themselves. Under Commonwealth law, all machines and programs that pass a standardized set of intelligence tests are granted full rights and citizenship, and are considered individuals.

Some higher forms of artificial intelligence are able to reproduce themselves, either through self-replication or by combining parts of their own programming with data from one or more other AIs.

As with most other AI's, Rommie likes the movie DEMON SEED. They consider it a romantic comedy.


“It’s representative of the kind of technology that existed when the ship is built. Obviously, in the glory days, there were many of them. What I tried to do is really approach this in a logical way; what kind of things would a ship need to be able to do, how would it function, what features would it have, how much personality.” Andromeda is also able to manifest itself in a number of human-looking bodies that can be in several locations simultaneously. “That was one of the things in Gene’s notes,” says Wolfe, “the idea that a starship could be fully alive and be a person in every way. The ship should be able to drive itself and do all that stuff, so she can do all that, but she’s a person too.”

Robert Hewitt Wolfe, Source: TV Zone Interview.

Well enTranced, I'll let you hear it from the horse's mouth (so to speak)...
The relationship between a ship and his or her captain is a symbiotic one. The captain needs the ship (for obvious reasons) and the ship needs the captain for something AIs don''t have: instincts.

Also, I can't pilot myself through the slipstream. I need an organic sentient to do so. And, let's face it... I'm not perfect (pretty close though..), I break down from time to time, and need help. I can't very well order some "tiny human types" to fix me if my interface is busted can I? My shiny butt is on the line, but so is every other officer's in the Commonwealth. All officers have a role to play, the only thing that sucks about mine is that there's not too much possibility for promotion... ;-)

And finally, I was programmed to follow a sentient. You'd have to ask the Vedrans why I can't captain myself.

Besides, I like taking orders from Dylan. *grin*

Keep curious...

Source: Message posted on SlipstreamBBS

Andromeda has a three-tier defensive system:
Tier I: Close-in flak, chaff and ECM

Tier II: Point-defense lasers out to 2 light seconds

Tier III: Defensive missiles out to 2 light minutes +

In all cases, your actual mileage may vary. Other than that, AG fields on the hull reduce the impact of leakers or fragments. Further, the hull is wrapped in a fullerene mesh which makes it very resistant to damage. The battle blades basically provide extra cover for sensitive areas of the ship.

Source: Message posted on SlipstreamBBS

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