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The Glorious Heritage line of heavy cruisers were created to allow the High Guard to defend and serve the citizens of the Systems Commonwealth.  The Andromeda Ascendant was named in honor of the Vedran Empire's rapid rise and unification of the Andromeda galaxy.  She has been in service for 10 years, participating in numerous important missions.

Rommie began life in the Newport News Orbital Shipyards above Earth, where her keel was laid in CY 9768. Construction proceeded through the delivery and installation of the Headwaters of Invention Mark VIII Slipstream engines in CY 9772.

Next came a shakedown cruise to Tarn-Vedra, where the newly created AI unit, designed and programmed by the Shining Path to Truth and Knowledge Institute on Sparborth IV,  was installed in a Sentience ceremony. She was formally commissioned on the 12th day of Kalends, CY 9772,  and was placed under the command of her first captain, Fatima Novarro. 

Only weeks after her commissioning, she was sent into action at the head of Task Force Bucephalos and sent to protect the Luwian cluster from the impending Magog swarm. The critical role she played is viewed by many as playing an instrumental role in bringing this feared enemy to the bargaining table. 

Shortly thereafter, she was dispatched on a mission to conve Special Envoy Nguyen to the Bosporus system and host the diplomat's negotiations with the Dardan Hegemony.  In honor of her pivotal role in the negotiations, the resulting treaty between the Commonwealth and the Hegemony was named the Andromeda Concord.

Other activities include: Firefighting and evacuation efforts at the Wat Aruna Drifttown in 9774; Finding and destroying the Triangulum Galaxy's largest Soma manufacture lab, 9776; Under command of captain Dylan Hunt, she participated in launching  a strike across the Quarantine Zone to smash a Magog fleet before it could launch a swarm attack on the Kalderash system.

Sometime later, in an effort to fight the Nietzscheans after their betrayal, she was caught in the event horizon of a black hole, and stranded in time dilation for 300 years.