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My Adventure using the iTunes Store


Apple Support is Worthless

(Written 9/12/2007)

I recently received an iTunes gift card. Hearing everyone else talk about how easy it was, and how much the love it, and myself having experience with several other Apple products, I was expecting a painless, easy process to download some music.

That's not what I got. I have been using iTunes for a while, but haven't ever been in the iTunes store. Apparently, this confused a server somewhere.
The first screen I was greeted with when I tried to put a song in my cart prompted me to login with either my Apple ID, or my AOL ID. Naturally, being a geek, I don't have an AOL ID and cringe whenever I see AOL. I do have an Apple ID. I got that when I got my first Mac (a G4 Mac Mini), and used it again about an year ago when I got my MacBook Pro.

So I tried to login and got a message stating: "The Apple ID or AOL screen name you entered couldn't be found or your password was incorrect. Please try again."
Well, it had been almost a year since I had used this ID for anything, so I reset my password. I still got the same error logging in. I tried the Apple store, yup, I could login fine there.
Time to call the helpdesk. I called the 1-800 number, silly me. The hold message said something about a billion year hold time due to iPhone calls. So I sent the following e-mail:

The next day, I received the following reply:

I don't think they really read my e-mail.
Feeling slightly frustrated, I replied:

Guess what that got me:

I really don't think they read these e-mails.
I just get done telling them that I have updated to the latest version of iTunes, and they tell me to update to the latest version of iTunes, and tell me how to login and to re-set my password.
This is starting to sound like a broken record...
And I love how they tell me, "Sign in then click this" Well, I would love to, except the whole problem is that I CAN'T SIGN IN!!!!!
So I replied:

I'm really not expecting much at this point, so I wasn't disappointed with the reply:

You'd think at this point the "Geniuses" at Apple Support would figure out that I have the latest version of iTunes, and have re-set my password at least twice.
From the part in the middle, I think someone is finally getting a clue that there might be a problem with my account, but since the problem is that I can't sign in, I can't follow that step anyway.
Feeling very frustrated now, I sent the following reply, which is probably more sarcastic than it should be. I also tried a few things on my own, detailed below:

It's been four days since this started, and still no music.
Right now, I'm waiting for the reply to this e-mail, not that I'm expecting anything remotely resembling help...

Update: 12/05/2011: It's been forever since this happened, and I don't remember the end outcome. Since then, I've been able to download all kinds of stuff from the iTunes store, but I don't remember if I ever did get the music I was trying to get when I wrote the article...