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Death Star Plans

*Top Secret*
Do not share with Rebels or Bothan Spies.  The following contains the plans for the Empire's Death Star.

(If you don't know why this in humor, this sound clip, Death Star Plans, and the knowledge that  Storm Troopers aren't the brightest individuals in the galaxy should explain it. P.S. Think of this site as the main computer.)

The Death Star is a round sphere, about the size of a small moon, with a large blaster at the equator with enough fire power to take out any planets that may oppose us.

Below, establishing shot, showing a small fighter at about a mile out for size comparison.

There is a small service trench running the length of equator for easy matinice.

There is a small fear that the thermal exhaust port pictured in the following photos poses some risks, as it leads directly to the main reactor.

The stations defenses are mainly centered around a large scale assault.

Top of the line Turbo lasers are installed across the surface of the entire station to ensure adequate coverage.

Computer simulation of coming into obit in a position favorable to attack a target.

The station also boasts a full complement of TIE fighters, in case someone is stupid enough to attack with one man fighters.

More shots of the thermal exhaust port that could be considered the stations one weakness.  However we believe that no one would be stupid enough to send in small wings of one man fighters necessary to exploit this weakness.

Also, with the additional precautions of the turbo lasers and squadrons of TIE fighters, the station is totally secure.